Unlock the power of ideas

“Unlock the power of ideas”

TinyRivers is a project aimed at supporting private business initiatives by providing people with funds and counseling. We have expertise in starting small businesses and in sustainable development which allows us to assess the ideas and concepts, to help in making a long-term plan and to support the first steps of the business creation.

All supported initiatives are expected to be sustainable and to have a positive impact not only on the person themselves, but on a whole community. We believe, in fact, that supporting a private business can sometimes make a more long-lasting and thus bigger impact on a place than simple aid.

We and our contact network interact with many people from underprivileged communities in many different countries and this allows us to see people who have a business idea and the necessary skills to develop it, but lack own means and do not find any support from the government.

We know each beneficiary of our project personally and regularly follow up on them to ensure a long-lasting improvement. To get funding from our project, each candidate is expected to lay out a concept and take it through an extensive analysis, together with us, to prove its solidity. After the concept is approved for funding, the fundraising is initiated and the journey starts.

Maximum transparency and chances for our donors to become directly involved in the projects are also priorities for us.

Our main countries of activity are at the moment Ukraine and Uganda. Our efforts are organised in cooperation with the German organisations “Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.” and “Abaana Uganda e.V.”. You can learn more about their work on their websites.


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We have several ongoing personal fundraisers for individuals affected by the pandemic and its consequences. You can get to know them one by one.

Contribute to the whole cause

Your contribution will go 100% towards helping someone. It will be assigned strategically to attend to the most urgent situations.

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If you have an idea to share, we would love to hear it!

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Current project highlight:

We are excited to present:

Julius’ copy shop and learning center!

Julius is a teacher at the Ngando Bright Primary School and he wants to offer his students and other kids a chance to learn digital skills.

This is why he is trying to set up a copy shop with a computer learning center attached, so that he will be the owner of a sustainable and useful business as wells as making an important contribution to his community.

Reach out to us. We’ll be glad to hear from you!


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