FAQ about TinyRivers

In this section you can read in detail about the organisation, especially the pratical and legal matters. If you still have any questions, you are welcome to contact us!

When did this project start?

The idea of the project appeared in April 2020 when the first Covid-19 lockdown happened. At that time we started to receive many calls from people who said they had nothing to eat.

In the beginning, the plan was to provide emergency support by sending basic supply packages. While doing this, we got to know people who are at the very bottom right now but who are eager to start anew, they just need some support. So, the final idea was born – to support those who have some sustainable project in mind but have no means to support themselves and to help those who need one-time assistance as they find themselves in some difficult situation. After working everything out, assessing needs and our possibilities and communicating with people, we have set this TinyRivers project up.

Why the cooperation with Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.?

Because of regulations and infrastructure requirements, it is close to impossible to set up an individual international project in Ukraine. We have reached out to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin

e.V. because they are an experienced and trustful organization which has competence in setting up cross-country projects on international level. Luckily, they were ready to support us with their advice and practical help.

Why the cooperation with Abaana Uganda e.V.?

Since we have had such a good experience in our cooperation with Ukraine Hilfe Berlin e.V., we decided to search for a Uganda-focused organization for our projects in the country. We love the projects of Abaana Uganda e.V., also because they focus on children. They are an experienced and trustful organization which has competence in setting up long-term, sustainable initiatives. We hope to learn a lot from them.

How are donations processed exactly?

All donations, independetly from the method used, are collected on the accounts of our partner organizations. The organisation teams take it upon themselves to keep track of what comes in and forward it to the respective country, in order for it to be spent on our ongoing projects. Amounts tied to specific projects are recognised with the help of project CODES, in the form “TRuxxXXXX”.

! Do not forget to enter the project code as the purpose/reference while doing your donation! This will ensure your money will go to the right project.

How will I see proof of how my money was used?

We post all receipts and payment confirmations on the project site, for everyone to see. We regularly update you on each case on the website and through the newsletter, if you are a subscriber. In the “updates” section, you will find posts about every step of the project. You can also write us anytime through the contact form and we will reply as quickly as possible.