A house for Natalia (completed)

How do we know Natalia?

Natalia was found scared and desperate on the railway station in Kyiv in February 2020 – she was crying and she asked the volunteers, who provide food for homeless, to help her. She had been homeless for two month already.

Volunteers reacted quickly and she was provided with a shelter with other homeless people. Currently she lives in that shelter and she proved to be very helpful – she takes care of several other homeless women who are old and not capable to take care of themselves. Natalia prepares food for them, cleans the house and takes care of other needs. The place she lives in is organized by an NGO and it provides only temporary shelter, she cannot live there forever. Natalia has no place to return to – she appeared to be on the street as her son suffers from alcoholism and beats her regularly. She has lost one eye and suffers from many other health issues as a result of her son’s behavior. She turned to police and the head of village municipality multiple times but they could not help her.

Currently volunteers help her in renewing her documents and applying for social support (which will only be around 60 USD a month), additionally Natalia is undergoing medical examination and will receive all necessary treatment.

House renovation and a small farm

Natalia is only 55 years old, she has been working all her life and currently she is doing everything to help the NGO where she found a shelter. She dreams to live again in the village, to have her own goats and start the life from scratch. There is a house which was kindly donated to her but it needs to undergo some renovations – Natalia will not be able to do all by herself as she does not have any savings but she is ready to work on the house renovation as much as she can. As she has been living in the village all her life, she will be able to handle a small farm, which in future can be of a great help in supporting other homeless people and poor families with kids.

The house is located in Cherkasy region. It was abandoned for several years, so currently it is impossible to live there – the roof, toilet, one room with a fireplace (as the winter is coming soon already) and fence need to be repaired before Natalia can live there. We really hope to do it before it becomes cold, otherwise she will have to find other place to live until next summer. To make all this happen, Natalia needs 1500 Euro and it will cover all required renovations and goats for the farm. Hoping a lot for your support.

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Updates about this project

01 / 11 / 2020

Natalia moved in!

Finally, today Natalia was able to move into her new house.

It still needs quite some work done, but it is already structurally safe and habitable. The heating stove works, there is power, she has a bed and can cook herself meals. The toilet was also renovated.

The goats are not there yet, they will be brought in spring since in the winter there is no grass for them to feed on and they would be only a burden right now. We still need your help to get the rest of the works done and to get the goats, so please keep supporting this project! Many thanks for what we could achieve until now!

29 / 09 / 2020

The works started today!

Thanks to your initial contributions, our trusted masons and electricians could buy the materials they need to start working and transported these yesterday to the house location.

Today, they started working on fixing the isolation problems on the walls, repairing the roof, re-doing the steps outside, rehabilitating the well in the yard and renovating the doors and windows. They are already making great progress with these tasks!

For more pictures, you can see our photo gallery above.

30 / 07 / 2020

Visiting the house

29.07.2020 we visited the house, where Natalia will hopefully live, with an electrician who checked what needs to be done in order to re-connect the house to the electricity. All the costs for electricity were counted and necessary supplies were listed.

Additionally, we visited the regional electricity administration which needs to approve re-connection of the house to the electricity that they gave and registered the house in their system.

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